Siphr Bangles


Inspired by Siphr compositions "Three: Loved" and "Five: The Calling" on Siphr my album, these bangles evoke memory of homelands near and far.  For us, Three is the number of completion and transformation; five is a number symbolic of divine of grace. 

Bangles come in a set of three or five. 

Handcrafted and soldered brass bangles. The soldering process by hand makes each and every one unique with handmade imperfections that I hope you find add beauty to each piece. 

Customers have told me they never take their Siphr bangles off. I made a set for myself before I started selling them and still wear them every day, even in water. Brass does, however, react different with each body and I don't recommend wearing these in water unless you know how your body's PH reacts with brass. See below for link to "jewelry care" for more information.


On sizing:

Because these are handcrafted please allow for minor mm variations of the sizing. Our sizing is based on the diameter in inches. For those of you used to bangle sizing based on the circumference, here is a useful conversion:

2.25" diameter = 7" circumference

2.5" diameter = 8" circumference

2.75" diameter = 9" circumference



Each piece is one-of-a-kind and handmade with care and intention. These are also made to order just for you :) Please allow at least 2-3 weeks before shipping. If you need it sooner please contact us and we'll do our best to make magic to meet your needs. 

 See FAQ page for more info.

Brass patinas over time. Visit our Jewelry Care page for how to care for your adornment.


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